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Watch Dr. Robert T. Cochran explain how opiates have changed the lives of many of his patients who suffer from bipolar disease and/or chronic pain. In many cases, the patient suffers from both. Opiates help stabilize the mood swings that come from bipolar disease, and also reduce (or eliminate) chronic pain. Hi many documented case studies speak for themselves.

3 thoughts on “Watch the Video

  1. john hoskins

    Dr robert cochran jr was the best Dr I ever had he helped me live a reg life .He is retired now so I can just hope the next Dr is 5% as good as he was .yes there is a bad rap on some drugs but he don’t write them for everybody.I thank him and is missed by all he is a Dr ahead of his time .What makes it bad for all pain drs is the ones who cheat the ones not a thing is wrong with them and sell them on the streets .They are makeing hard for the real people who do need them.that’s the issue the only issue.There are millions who suffer and can not get help.

    1. Narrator Post author

      We appreciate your comments very much, and share in your passion for spreading the word about Dr. Robert T. Cochran’s contribution to the medical community and the many patients he served. Dr. Cochran changed lives by doing what many doctors simply do not – He listened to his patients…


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