Three Books That Changed Thousands of Lives Regarding Chronic Pain and Bipolar Disorder

The-Opiate-Cure---Pain-and-the-Bipolar-Spectrum---Dr-Robert-Cochran  Understabnding-Chronic-Pain---A-Doctor-Talks-to-His-Patients---Dr-Robert-Cochran  Curing-Chronic-Pain---Stories-of-Hope-and-Healing---Dr-Robert-Cochran

Over the past fourteen years, recently retired physician, Dr. Robert T. Cochran, Jr., published three books regarding the treatment and possible cure for chronic pain symptoms and bipolar disorder. The most controversial of the three books is undoubtedly the third which is titled, “The Opiate Cure: Pain and the Bipolar Spectrum”. In The Opiate Cure, Dr Cochran claims that by paying attention to often minute details gathered from his patients, he was able to “cure” both chronic pain and bipolar disorder. Needless to say, this cased controversy within the medical community due to the stigma attached to prescribing often strong opiates. Making the controversy most interesting is the fact that there are literally thousands of former patients of Dr. Cochran who undoubtedly feel they were “cured” of both bipolar disorder and chronic pain symptoms after having been prescribed opiates.

Dr Robert T Cochran Jr - Nashville Pain Specialist and author of The Opiate Cure

The Question: Do these books indeed offer a valid treatment or possible cure for chronic pain symptoms and bipolar disorder?
Perhaps the question should be rephrased, “Do we trust the often negative opinions found within the medical community regarding these books, or do we trust the thousands of patients who claim they were cured?” In most every former patient’s testimonial we have found, one phrase resonates over and over again, “Dr. Cochran changed my life”.

“The only way to know for sure is to read these fascinating books and decide for yourself.” (Click on any book cover below to visit and buy the books today.)

The-Opiate-Cure---Pain-and-the-Bipolar-Spectrum---Dr-Robert-Cochran  Understabnding-Chronic-Pain---A-Doctor-Talks-to-His-Patients---Dr-Robert-Cochran  Curing-Chronic-Pain---Stories-of-Hope-and-Healing---Dr-Robert-Cochran

If you or someone you know suffers fro bipolar and/or chronic pain symptoms, we encourage you to read all three of Dr. Robert Cochran’s books. And, when seeking this form of treatment from your local physician, we’ve been told by many patients that sharing these books with their physician helped in receiving better treatment. All three books are available at in paperback format. Kindle additions are available for both The Opiate Cure and Curing Chronic Pain.

We’d like to know how you feel about Dr. Robert Cochran and his books.
If you’ve read any of Dr. Cochran’s books, and/or, were a former patient of Dr. Robert T. Cochran in Nashville, Tennessee, we welcome your feedback and opinions. Please use the form below to send us your thoughts, or simply leave us a comment. Please note: Your comments may be shared publicly on this website.

Visit Dr. Cochran’s website at, and find out more about what makes this incredible man tick, and why his patients love him so dearly.

Can thousands of patients be wrong?
In addition to the many comments left on this website from former patients of Dr. Cochran, we’ve noted the many hundreds of book reviews at and other sellers of books where people have taken the time to comment on their successes from reading Dr. Cochran’s books, and also having been a former patient of his. Below, are just a few of the many we’ve found.

"These Books, and Doctor Cochran are by themselves Amazing,Intriguing,Understanding, and DO WORK. I've been on Medications of sorts since i was 10 years old and nothing has worked, helped, or improved my life in any way, more than anything, most "treatments" only made me worse. Finally, at age 20 my psychiatrist had told me that i'd finally been diagnosed with Borderline personality disorder (amongst other things) and that the medications i'd been prescribed for years werent working because i needed "talking" therapy. Because i had problems taking the medications on time/as directed.. missing a dose would more often then not "Make me crazy" or set me back a year! I'd never held a job, i lived with my parents, was unable to deal or function in society whatsoever... Then, After meeting and being in the care of Dr. Cochran..just with the simple tweak and use of medication that was "take as needed", the stress of missing a dose for one, allowed me to even try it, because i had given up any anti-depressants or anti-psychotics for fear that i'd only get worse, or that i'd be ok for a month or 2 only to fail or get knocked back down my step ladder. I've been under his care for almost 3 years, and in that time.. i've held a job, have a car and my own house and through all the stress and issues i've had during those 3 years, nothing has been able to " set me back" or Fail! This OPIATE CURE, REALLY AND TRULY WORKS! But only for those who can and will let it! Never Abuse the situation, medication or doctors trust, because thats what ruins it for the rest of the world! But people who 'Self-medicate' they have a clue as to why they want this medication so badly, it obviously works! If only some were given the chance to improve themselves the way they're trying to, without doing it illegally, then maybe they'd also have a chance at a REAL life. Thank you Doctor Cochran! Even tho you're retiring in practice, i'll keep watching for your books!"
"This is one informative book; helpful is the first word that pops into my head. I think that the goal of this book is firstly to get a cure out there or simply show those ill that is ok to be like they are, it can be controlled. Robert T. Cochran brings us only one book in which the treatments are discussed, symptoms are listed and all structured beautifully in short interviews or personal stories told from the point of view of persons that were or are ill and learned how to live with it. Overall I recommend this book for all of you out there that confront with certain diseases like bipolar depression and mania, attention deficit disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder or narcolepsy."
"In this book, the author looks at a surprising finding he has stumbled across in potentially curing debilitating mental disorders and chronic pain in general. The author is a doctor who shares his cases in terms a non-medical reader can understand. Some people are very close minded to the idea that opiates (including Methadone, Hydrocodone, and Morphine) can aid with mental illnesses. Dr. Cochran prescribes these drugs in very small doses that are not at the addictive level at all. This book offers hope and is worth the read."

One thought on “Three Books That Changed Thousands of Lives Regarding Chronic Pain and Bipolar Disorder

  1. depadope

    do u have any advice on how to find a dr that will try opiate therapy? i have tried everything and life is unbearable. i am wary to self medicate myself since street opiates are inconsistant and insidious.

    i am stuck between a rock and a hard place. at least 9/10 psychiatrists i call are full up on patients and the rest laugh as soon as i mention opiates and shake their head when i mention your book and cite countless cases on the internet.

    i will move/fly ANYWHERE!


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