The Most Passionate Patients in the World

Yesterday, we received some comments from a former patient of Dr. Cochran’s, and all we can say is this: We’ve never seen patients react the way they do when Dr. Robert T. Cochran’s name is brought up.

A press release was published on or around February 15, 2013, that spoke of the reasons for Dr. Cochran’s retirement. However, by request of Dr. Cochran himself, a lot of information was withheld, and for good reason.

We received an email from a former patient who didn’t necessarily agree with some of the items noted in the press release. More than anything, this was a misunderstanding, and we wanted to bring clarity to a few items.

In truth, there are many reasons why Dr. Cochran retired. Some of which, are not to be made publicly available until a later date. Dr. Cochran has his own reasons for retiring, and because of that, he is to be respected. We believe most upsetting to everyone, is that there simply is no replacement for Dr. Cochran and his unique method of care. Dr. Cochran gave a level of compassion to his patients not found by many n the medical community. Patients were “people” to Dr. Cochran, not “subjects”, and certainly not the road to a paycheck. His patients not covered by insurance will tell you he probably didn’t charge enough for his services, and yet, he’s one of the only doctors who was willing to spend twenty minutes with a patient to find out what was causing their pain, and explain what steps could be taken to help manage it.

As we’ll hear more in part 3 of “Dr. Cochran Changed My Life”, Dr. Cochran was able to find the most interesting of information in the “seemingly unimportant”…

2 thoughts on “The Most Passionate Patients in the World

  1. Free N. Deed

    I do not have the time now to make as full a comment as I would like. What a funny phrase to be coming from me, “I do not have the time now…”. Once upon a time, that is all I had, t-i-m-e. Every day – 24 hours, 1,440 minutes, 86,400 seconds of time. Actually doing time would be more accurate, that was, until I stumbled across one Dr. Robert T. Cochran, Jr.

    The only real life I had, as far as intercourse with the world at large, was online. I don’t remember exactly when but it was during one of my fortunately successful “Vacations from Pain”, read: successfully engaged as much of my mind and senses as possible from a home-hospital bed so as to divert as much attention away from the mind-numbing-even-air-moving-across-my paralyzed-legs-made-each-hair-feel-like-a-lit-match pain that had consumed well over half of my then 43-odd-years.

    Thanks to synergy between a “working vacation” and’s “Recommendations for You” I found Understanding Chronic Pain: A Doctor Talks to His Patients”. I immediately ordered it, and though not much of a “reader” made it through the final chapter (with many interruptions waiting for my eyes to dry enough to continue reading) in a matter of hours.

    Even though I was sure this man was on one of the coasts, New York, etc., which might as well has been on the moon, I was determined to make one last ditch effort with what little resources I had to see him. It was not until then I read the back flap and, lo and behold, he was a little more than an hour away from me (pause for oceans of tears)..

    My medical history is too long and storied to bother you (or me) with but suffice it to say I had suffered on-and-of since 10 years of age due to one of the rarest and deadliest spinal tumors known to man. Three months of the then very imprecise kill-everything-it-hits radiation later it had miraculously stopped but not before both done their damage. Years later it was like being “cured” of cancer but just before it killed you.

    Within 4 meetings with Dr. Cochran I was actually able to get out of bed again…regularly. That is why the phrase “I don’t have time” seems so funny. Twenty-five years of incapacitation leaves a to-do list that takes some time. I was sad to see the good Doctor retire but there is no question he earned it and then some.

    With more gratitude than he will ever know, though I have s sneaky suspicion he could tell by the change in my countenance between that first and final visit, I pray God grants him the desires of his heart during retirement as he surely granted the desires of many a heart during his years of practice. God bless Dr. Cochran and may he grant all who would come after him with the compassion he possessed, his sheer guts to put it all on the line as did so many times for the sake of his patients, and some big feet because they will need them.

    1. Nancy

      Passionate patient. Yes, I was. Dr. C was the first pain specialist I had ever seen and he did miracles for me. Due to Primary Progressive MS, pain, fatigue and spasticity were my primary symptoms. No sleep. Walked with a cane. Constant pain – could barely get out of bed, took nearly 30 minutes to get my legs moving every morning. I was getting to to the point that I didn’t want to live this way. I was referred to Dr. C. He was amazing. He listened to me! He listened to my history! He wanted to help me. And he did! Yes, he treated me with opiates – but I was able to function again. No more cane. Pain level stablized at very low level. I could do things with my teenage daughters. Travel. A little bit of hiking again. Life was good! I could live this way. I did. For two years. Then Dr. C. announced his retirement. I understand. He deserved it. The problem is that he could not find anyone “reputable” to take over his practice and care for his patients. The doctor he turned our records over to does not answer his phone, nor emails that the recorded message says to utilize. The message also says to NOT LEAVE MULTIPLE messages! I have been waiting for 4 days to hear from this doctor’s office. The reason. Dr. C. “surrendered” his prescribing license and now I cannot get my Rxs filled – even the ones with refills – to get me thru to see this new doctor. I am going to be going cold turkey off of 5 medications if I can’t find a doctor who will help me, by writing Rxs or at least working with me to wean me off of these meds. I don’t think this was Dr. C’s intentions, but what a shape he has left his patients in. I told my husband tonight that hospitalization may be in my future. The pain is returning, the anxiety of whether or not to see this quack of a doctor he has sent us to is scary – I have read many reviews about him and they are downright scary!! I want my records and another GOOD doctor! They don’t have to prescribe the same meds, but I want them to care about me and help me again. Two good years – and now hell again. May God help all of us.


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