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Three Books That Changed Thousands of Lives Regarding Chronic Pain and Bipolar Disorder

The-Opiate-Cure---Pain-and-the-Bipolar-Spectrum---Dr-Robert-Cochran  Understabnding-Chronic-Pain---A-Doctor-Talks-to-His-Patients---Dr-Robert-Cochran  Curing-Chronic-Pain---Stories-of-Hope-and-Healing---Dr-Robert-Cochran

Over the past fourteen years, recently retired physician, Dr. Robert T. Cochran, Jr., published three books regarding the treatment and possible cure for chronic pain symptoms and bipolar disorder. The most controversial of the three books is undoubtedly the third which is titled, “The Opiate Cure: Pain and the Bipolar Spectrum”. In The Opiate Cure, Dr Cochran claims that by paying attention to often minute details gathered from his patients, he was able to “cure” both chronic pain and bipolar disorder. Needless to say, this cased controversy within the medical community due to the stigma attached to prescribing often strong opiates. Making the controversy most interesting is the fact that there are literally thousands of former patients of Dr. Cochran who undoubtedly feel they were “cured” of both bipolar disorder and chronic pain symptoms after having been prescribed opiates.

Dr Robert T Cochran Jr - Nashville Pain Specialist and author of The Opiate Cure

The Question: Do these books indeed offer a valid treatment or possible cure for chronic pain symptoms and bipolar disorder?
Perhaps the question should be rephrased, “Do we trust the often negative opinions found within the medical community regarding these books, or do we trust the thousands of patients who claim they were cured?” In most every former patient’s testimonial we have found, one phrase resonates over and over again, “Dr. Cochran changed my life”.

“The only way to know for sure is to read these fascinating books and decide for yourself.” (Click on any book cover below to visit Amazon.com and buy the books today.)

The-Opiate-Cure---Pain-and-the-Bipolar-Spectrum---Dr-Robert-Cochran  Understabnding-Chronic-Pain---A-Doctor-Talks-to-His-Patients---Dr-Robert-Cochran  Curing-Chronic-Pain---Stories-of-Hope-and-Healing---Dr-Robert-Cochran

If you or someone you know suffers fro bipolar and/or chronic pain symptoms, we encourage you to read all three of Dr. Robert Cochran’s books. And, when seeking this form of treatment from your local physician, we’ve been told by many patients that sharing these books with their physician helped in receiving better treatment. All three books are available at Amazon.com in paperback format. Kindle additions are available for both The Opiate Cure and Curing Chronic Pain.

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