Curing Chronic Pain: Customer Reviews – Part 1

Opiate-Cure-Blog-Logo-Dr-Robert-Cochran-OpiatesOne thing we notice in many of the reviews and testimonials regarding Dr. Cochran’s books are the number of people who seem discouraged before finding them. Down and out. Ready to throw in the towel. When suddenly, someone recommends one of his books, a friends buys the book for them, a friend of a friend tells someone about the books, etc… The point we’re trying to make is this – If you  know someone suffering from chronic pain and/or bipolar, direct them to this book, or better yet, buy one for them as a gift. Change a life by empowering someone with critical information that can transform their daily lives. These books seemed to have done this over and over for thousands of people. Go ahead – Reach out and change a life. Save them daly chronic pain and anguish.

The following testimonials are from and were written about Dr. Robert Cochran’s book, Understanding Chronic Pain.

Opiate-Cure-View-on-Amazon-Robert-CochranThis is a very educated, well written book that looks at a different aspect for chronic pain patients. I would love to see some article that may have been published by this author. This is an in depth view in to the practice of a physician who is very caring and motivated in helping his patients try to find relief for their pain. There are only a handful of physicians with the heart and devotion left practicing in such a caring manner,since the insurance companies and the government keep reducing the reimbursements every year, but that is a different subject. Great look into the minds, hearts, and treatment of patients with chronic pain.

Opiate-Cure-View-on-Amazon-Robert-CochranThis book is a “must read” for anyone suffering from chronic pain and/or bipolar disorder or depression. For those who have lost hope of further recovery, you will find it again within the pages of this book. (You will want to buy two copies – one for yourself and one for your physician.) “Curing Chronic Pain” should be required reading for all physicians and psychiatrists.

Opiate-Cure-View-on-Amazon-Robert-CochranI have found Dr. Cochran’s books to be extremely helpful in understanding many different types of pain and what can lead to a person being in pain, for many different reasons. Our mind and body are so connected, working together to tell us with pain what may need to be addressed. The individual stories within the books help us to find ourselves and what may be causing our painful body. I find Dr. Cochran a safe place for help, because the Government has no understanding in why painful patients may need to take pain medications. The war on drugs has made a villain the very medication that is needed and works differently for people who have real pain issues. If you have pain and can not get relief, read Dr. Cochran’s books. Healing can be found with understanding.

Opiate-Cure-View-on-Amazon-Robert-CochranThis is a must-have resource for anyone who suffers chronic pain or knows of someone who does. I have researched for 6 years any resource that would help understand chronic pain. This has helped me & my loved ones gain a different perspective of what I live with on a day-to-day basis. Please include the prequel to this book “Understanding Chronic Pain”. It was a tremendous help also.

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The-Opiate-Cure---Pain-and-the-Bipolar-Spectrum---Dr-Robert-Cochran  Understabnding-Chronic-Pain---A-Doctor-Talks-to-His-Patients---Dr-Robert-Cochran  Curing-Chronic-Pain---Stories-of-Hope-and-Healing---Dr-Robert-Cochran

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